Friday, January 12, 2018

Three Nerds, A Sex Therapist, A New Year

Three Nerds and a Sex Therapist

With a new year comes new adventures! I write this as I’m sitting at a table in a coffee shop with three nerds playing board games. Well, they are playing board games, and I’m providing commentary as I try to figure out what the heck is going on...Hello, Andy, Chris, and Jonathan! It was a pleasure meeting you three and learning something new from you! Poor guys didn’t realize a sex therapist was sitting with them until they were anticipating mass destruction from well-armed aliens….


I write this as I’ve been reflecting about 2017 and preparing for 2018. The New Year is often thought
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of as a time for creating resolutions. In my experience, for most people I know, resolutions don’t last much through the first quarter of the year. Therefore, I started looking at what changes I enjoyed during the past year and what I want to carry over into the new year, with a focus toward changes I could sustain and intuitions about changes I might want to make later. 

As I reflected on my achievements and accomplishments during 2017, I wanted to send a big thank you to my readers and subscribers, for supporting my work, for your feedback, and for sticking with me even when I went MIA or didn’t post a regular basis. Blogging was a new venture for me in 2017, and it took a while to figure out a plan that works. Honestly, I’m still tweaking that plan!

Going Forward

During the last year, I had the pleasure of working on the planning team for The National Sex Ed Conference. The conference was this past December. One of the Keynote Speaker’s was Dr. Ruth Westheimer. Growing up, I knew of Dr. Ruth and even watched her show or listened to her on the radio. I just thought she was this old lady who talked about sex. However, I learned there is much more to her than her quirky tv personality. Her goal is to spread the word about sex education, and she’s spent a lifetime using any outlet she could find. This resonated with me. My blog, website, videos, and podcasts are all ways to spread my messages,thoughts, and experiences about being sex-positive. Without people reading and sharing everything I put out there (pun totally intended!), I don’t think I would have continued for as long has I have.

Thank You!

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Again, thank-you for being a part of my community! I look forward to more thoughts, questions, and laughs in 2018. Right now, I am creating a new, 12-month series centered around self-love and self-care. The series is called How to Love Yourself More in 2018. Each month will talk about different ways to incorporate self-care and self-love into your life. This is part of what I want to take from 2017 into 2018.

What are you taking from 2017 into 2018? What else do you want to hear about in 2018? Comment below or send me a message!


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