Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Couple's Gift Guide to Spice Up the Holidays!

In my last post, I talked about how difficult the holidays can be for us as individuals—and as partners. But like a third glass of eggnog, a Couple’s Gift Guide is here just in the nick of time. Is it a little excessive? Yes. Is it for everyone? Maybe no. But if you’re feeling emotionally and physically distant from your partner (or yourself!) this season, use this guide to help keep you and your partner in the swing of things all winter long.

Santa, Baby

If you and your partner are feeling pulled in too many directions by holiday season obligations, use it as an excuse to try a new (or first-time!) sex toy or technique together. I’ve reviewed a few (Magic Wand, Lelo Ina Wave, Tantus) that I think are great for both first timers and experienced hands. These are great any time of year, but incorporating this sort of intimacy into the holidays can offer a real release (!) when relaxation and couples-time seems like it’s in short supply.

Wax On, Wax Off

One of the most fun developments in sex toys over the last few years has been the ‘mainstreaming’ of waxes. The days of burning candle wax are behind us (well, mostly) replaced by waxes made specifically for couples’ intimacy. Here’s a great one that leaves out the wax entirely: as the candle burns, it leaves a massage oil for couples to make use of in a way that doesn’t leave mark—unless you’re into that kind of thing! And the best part: it looks just like a candle, which will help to discretely confusing all of the holiday guests nosing around your bedroom.

Who Needs to Know?

Sticking with the theme of more discrete, yet playful, toy ideas, there are all sorts of new toys that you no longer have to keep hidden at the bottom of your sock drawer. This necklace vibrator is even meant to be worn in public! Another fun one I’ve seen is lube containers that don’t look like embarrassing foot cream. One like this is especially nice, because storing it on your bedstand, you don’t have to spoil the mood and run to the bathroom to dig out the lube. And even better, this brand of lubricant doubles as massage oil. Looking for something more natural? AloeCadabra is aloe based and 95% organic! Don't forget to use code AFGeter for 25% off and FREE shipping!

Sexytime Vaca-y Organization

A few months ago, I wrote a post about planning for a sexcation, and there’s no better excuse to get one kicked off for yourself than the ‘list’ of gifts your family is trying to get you to hand over this 
time of year. So use what’s usually a little annoying and materialistic to your advantage this year: involve your friends and relatives unwittingly in you and your partner’s Orgasm Week. Ask your parents for some free babysitting. Ask you sister for a gift card to a pre-sex romantic restaurant or hotel voucher. Whatever it takes to make that sexcation more of a reality this year.

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